Serving Northwestern Ontario and the Rest of Canada since 1978.


Fuel system installations:

We design, build, and install any custom fuel systems that are personalised to each individual site's needs. This includes steel and fibreglass systems, all approved tanks (Including duel wall), and any type of fuel delivery system that an application might need. All of this whilst making sure each system meets or exceeds the regulatory standard outline in the Liquid Fuels Handling Code.

Pump Unit Manufacturing:

Our fabricators have built many custom self-contained pumping units for a wide array of applications. We can design, build and install any type of pumping unit to meet any specifications. All of our pumping units are designed with environmental impact in mind.


Northwest Petroleum is equipped for, and certified to conduct the following types of testing:
  − Pressure
  − Cathodic
  − Calibration
  − ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation)

Site Inspections:

Each of our technicians is well versed in the Liquid Fuels Handling Code making site inspections simple to do at your next service request. A general compliance with regulation is verified and any violations and possible improvements are noted. Being, a licensed petroleum contractor means that Northwest Petroleum can see out every step of an improvement; from first inspection to finality we offer you the ease of only needing to use a single contractor.


We are a fully licensed electrical contractor as per the Electrical Safety Authority certification. This meaning that we can undertake any type of electrical work, petroleum-based or otherwise. This is just another one of the many conveniences that can be afforded to the customer through Northwest Petroleum being a multifaceted contractor.

Environmental Protection and Management:

Environmental matters are extremely important in our industry and we do not take them lightly. We have experience installing environmental protection systems stretching all orders of magnitude; from overflow systems to large containment dykes for bulk plants. We also specialize in environmental cleanup and site deconstruction and restoration.

Tank and Equipment removal:

Along with our extensive skills in construction we offer site deconstruction services. Our fleet of vehicles and machines are ready to take on a site disassembly of any scale including contamination cleanup.

CSA-B620-09 Tank Truck Inspections, Repairs and Upgrades:

Northwest Petroleum is certified, by transport Canada, to conduct inspections and repairs according to CSA-B620-09 regulations. We have full facilities to do any type of tank truck repair or upgrade including calibration, systems upgrades and electrical work.

Certifications and Qualifications:

Below listed are some of the certifications held:

  − POST
  − Fork Lift Operator
  − Manitoba Conservation Petroleum Technician Licence
  − Response To Hydrocarbon Spills Certification
  − Heavy Duty Lift Inspection and Repair Certification
  − Petroleum Mechanic (Helper/1/2/3)

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